The Academic Programme

Here at Overseas Summer School, we adopt a learner-centred approach, which means that we plan the content of our course on the basis of each student’s assessment and each student’s needs.

Our Summer School is planned so that a sensible balance between academic and non-academic activities is maintained. We like to educate our guests, but also to keep them motivated and never bored!

Class Structure

09:00  Assembly
09:30 Lesson 1 – Reading and Vocabulary
10:15   Lesson 2 – Listening and Speaking 
11:00   Break Time   
11:15   Lesson 3 – Writing and Grammar   
12:00    Leeson 4 – Trinity Spoken English Exam Preparation
12:45  Lunch 
14:00  Lesson 5 – A Slice of Britain

Our unique Slice of Britain lessons allow students to develop knowledge of the United Kingdom as well as improving their language skills. We encourage discussion and participation in these lessons and use practical means and offsite trips wherever possible including - fancy dress, cooking, trips to places of great importance and involvement and interaction with British people from the local area.

We accept students aged 10 to 17 on our courses. Our maximum class size is 15 and we are able to cater for all needs from beginner through to advanced.