Prices and Dates

Rates and Dates

Our Courses

Course Dates Prices
Summer School 30th June to 17th August 2013 £760 per week
Easter Course 24th March to13th April 2013 £600 per week
BOSS plus Paris Every other week £500 + weekly fee
BOSS plus B.F.A. 2 weeks course beginning 30th June £950 per week

The Buckswood Academies

Course Price
B.F.A. £30 per hour
B.D.A. £30 per hour
B.T.A. £30 per hour
B.G.A. £30 per hour
B.R.A. £30 per hour
B.E.A. £30 per hour

Airport Transfers

Transfer - Heathrow, Gatwick Price
Heathrow £75 each way
Gatwick £60 each way
Ashford £30 each way
Stansted    £100 each way
Luton      £100 each way

For transfers other than Heathrow, Gatwick or Ashford please contact us for a quote.

Unaccompanied Minors £25 return charge in addition to the cost of the transfer fee.